July 29, 2014

Entry Way Decor

We're still really far from the decorate and tweak part of the cabin remodel, but sometimes when the to-do list feels daunting, it's nice to do small projects that improve the space and make you smile.  You may remember that once we installed our new entry door, and placed in the new entry bench I built, there was a space to the right of the bench, behind the door that was feeling pretty bland. 

Not any more.

After a quick trip to Target I found the Lake Home Sweet Home print, which isn't usually my style, but something about it spoke to me and jumped in my cart.  I framed a photo of a beautiful cabin sunset in an extra frame I had on hand, and added Young House Love's skeleton key hooks for the perfect place to corral our keys.

On the other wall I hung this nautical rope mirror, which I think adds nicely to the rustic and laid back character of the place.  It also helps reflect light and makes the space look a bit bigger when you enter. (Not to mention giving you a place to check for food in your teeth before you leave.)

In the photo above the bench is pushed a little too far to the left and is crowding the door a bit.  Unfortunately I can't drive all the way back up north to take another photo, so you're just going to have to give me a pass on this one. :)

Ideally I would have hand made something like the Lake Home sign to look a little more vintage and authentic, but with everything we have going on up there these days, sometimes it's just nice to throw something from clearance in the cart- you know what I mean?

At least Ryder loves it.  Or maybe he loves the squirt guns Grandma got him to play with.  It's hard to tell.

Anyone else do any quick and easy decorating this weekend?  Sometimes I think the little things can nearly make as big of an impact as the major projects.  They take the space from "renovated" to "lived in." 

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  1. Your changes have made all the difference, I love the Lake Home Sweet Home sign, that's a beautiful touch!