October 9, 2014

Boat House Bedroom Design

Do you know what's nearly as fun as decorating a room?  Creating a mood board and virtually decorating the room without having to spend any money buying decor or time DIYing projects.  Okay, that's not true.  I'd much rather decorate in real life, but as I mentioned previously, we've got to take this project a step at a time.  We want to curate items for this cabin naturally, as we come across great deals or pieces that mean something to us.  We want this place to feel well loved, lived in and authentic, not just staged out of a magazine.  So first we create the plan, a road map so to speak for shopping, and then we pick up the pieces as we find them.  Last week I shared with you the Coastal Bedroom concept for room #1, and today I've got the plan for room #2, the big guy in the middle.

 Let me introduce you to the Boat House.
1. Luckily this room is the farthest along, since we already scored some clearance bedding from West Elm. 

2. DIYing this headboard for the double bed will be the focal point of the room, and allow for 2 extra lamps in this area without needing end tables, which is perfect for the tight space.

3. I already dyed these curtains navy blue, but I love this little detail of the rope pull back.

Here's the mood board again so that you don't have to scroll up and down:

4. The twin bed in this room currently features a navy duvet with coordinating pillows and a throw to the double bed to bring them together without being an exact match.
 5.  I love the idea of DIYing some painted canoe paddles to hang above the twin bed and fill that empty space.  I've already found one, but I'm keeping an eye out for the second as I think they will look much better as a pair.

6.  I love this collection of prints, paintings and DIY art, in combination with family photographs, to fill the spaces above the dresser and this awkward nook.

This shelf was built to fill in an original window opening from this room to the exterior, before a porch was added to this side of the house.  (This porch eventually became the Den and Dining Space, and now we have converted it to the Third bedroom and Dining area.)  If we wanted to, we could tear out the whole thing and replace it with a full sheet of paneling, which I'm considering, but I think it will just make this big wall look even more scarce.  The plan right now is to do the other items and see how I feel about it down the road.  If we're going for a lived in, antique, boat house kind of feel, this unique element could add to the charm and quirk of this room. We'll wait and see how it all plays out.

So that's the boat house room.  The furthest along and yet so far to go.  But at least we have a plan.

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